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ro_cest_la_vie's Journal

RO Cest La Vie
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Krisgoat's RO SS Diary

This community is dedicated to Krisgoat and friends adventures on Ragnarok Online. This is our special photo journal to remember all our crazy adventures!
This is a closed membership community but you may add it to your friends list by pressing the "Monitor Community" button. Everyone is welcome to look and make comments!

Warning: This journal is purely for our fun and happiness.
We all have busy life’s where we must be professional most of the time. We play RO
to relax, unwind, get away from it all, and to just be plain carefree. So inside you
will find extensive carefree actions, inside jokes, sexual humor, outrageous behavior,
and possible offensive material. Probably not suited for anyone under the age of 18
or any age really. We just love to exercise our HUGE overactive imaginations. So if
you are easily offended this LJ is not for you!!

Meet The Family

Krisgoat the Agi Spear Sader

Since Krisgoat began her RO journey back in Dec of 2003 she has been a swordie/knight.
She loves to bash the crap out of anythign in her path!
Fiercely quick to finish off any battle herself.
In 2010 she was polymorphed into a Sader.

Philosopher's Stone the Pure Potter Alchemist and her goat Nicholas Flamel

Sophisticated and intelligent character that just LOVES gold.
So much that she dresses in gold, wears gold jewelry, and even has golden hair and eyes.
Phil makes a living by making and selling Potions.
I stupidly added the apostrophe in the wrong spot.
Ah well, cest la vie!

Note: Just wanted to point out that I did not name her after Harry Potter or that Alchemist Anime.
If you want to know where I got the name just Wiki "The philosophers' stone"
Like anyone is going to read this anyways, rite?

AFK the Baby Perma Novice

Freakishly kawaii and a Play Dead abuser. Just like a bugs to a bug zapper,
she never fails to attract all the pedos of RO witch often leads to unwanted touching,
including her own mother Alicia Winterheart!
Her unbelievable goal in life is to reach lvl 99.

I Strip For A Living the Bow Dancer

Extremely sexy and seductive. Strip has MANY male... and female admirers!
She receives many love letters, confessions, and proposals everyday!
She is totally carefree, ditsy, and BLOND. She specializes in quick paced
bow attacks from a safe distance and is a Poly clip abuser.

Chocola A La Foli the FS Priest

Her French name translates to "Chocolate to Madness"
Once again I goofed up on the name. Chocola should be Chocolat
but I kinda like it without the "t" because it sounds more frenchy. :3

She is very fashionable and beautiful. She is the wife of Schnayke the Double Dagger Sin
(irl BF) and is the abuser loving mother to Aura the Super Novice.

Cheez Whiz the Wizard

This character was born on a whim mainly just to use the name!
It is also humorously effortless to lvl Wizards on RO due to the exp quests.

I Am Not A Bot the Gank Rogue

Currently in RO there are a LOT of Rogue bots so
her name helps with credibility - or not. She specializes in treasure hunting,
farming, and amazing people just for not being a bot.

Super Vend Slave the Super Novice Vend Slave

The official vend slave.

Retired Characters

Caku the Ebil Gyno ME Priest

Krisgoat the Knight
Greed !! the Greed Blacksmyth