From fat to sexy !
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So this poor merch of mine ... so fat .. so confused ... KARL ... he've been sweating like hell in his fuckin old gross clothes for weeks, not really loved by myself ... but I always kept hope in my mind .. knowing that an alchemist could be sexy, this is all about the look ... and virtual pixel smell .. ya know ...

Poor Kris, had to level with him so many times with this looser fat ass, as you can see, having incredibly important and intelligent talk about the philosophy of life and more ...

Here he is ... in action, sweating ( even underwater .. /wah )

on his way to finish his FUCKING ANNOYING INSANE alchemist test ( which is the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw ... ) in Alberta, he saw a curious relative of that meat man from Prontera City >.> those mysterious "men" with mustaches who tends to ......... own ... boobs ? O.o

Well no screenies about the actual test, because sincerely Karl doesn't deserve this attention, AND ... I was so mad all the time ... it was terrible, that test was the biggest pain in the ass ever !!!!!!! Math test ( like Karl ever went to school to begin with ??????????? ) and all those trips from towns to towns ( like Karl can move his fat legs that easilly ????????????? ) .. to be short, Karl finally turned, after lot's of sweat, nocturial masturbation and crusty bed sheets on the morning about Kris ( his big brother Saint Zerick's wife ) he turned into TEH SEX ....

O_o ! That weird multi colored guy was HUGE ! like ... REALLY huge ! Like ... he could hide 32 cases of pink pepermints under his clothes ( I'm not joking !! ) he was huge !
So as you can see, Karl is now sexy, he've learnt about the feminine anatomy and he can now touch Kris at the right places ! But he's still a confused person ... he keep failing at creating pots /sob ... he's hopeless ... BUT ... I LOVE his pose .. he's always presenting his dick area first, which is awesome,
so yes, it worth having an Alchemist .


(((( tomorrow I'll post over 20 screenies of Kris becoming a job lvl 50 knight FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS of mysterious things happened during her trainning, but it's 4h02 am and I'm sleepy lol ))))

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OMFG! I LOLIRL SO hard @ "incredibly important and intelligent talk about the philosophy of life and more" and then the jellybeans!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHA Your Merch was so fat and smelly! I’m go glad he’s reached puberty! He’s still has Karl qualities but that’s ok because he is a part of our family like it or not!

Here is the post I made about Karl’s job change - there is even a SS of him discovering my boobs!

OMIGAR I need to make a new ROCLVLJ icon now!! Dammet I need more icon power - I’m thinking about getting a paid account soon for like one year or sumthin! P.S. do you want me to make you one? Like I can have your main char walking and like saying sumthin or sumthin LOL You know what I can do ;)

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